What can we do for you?

Here at bund, we seek out interesting projects and make them successful. We do not market products or develop software to sell. Instead we focus solely on providing the appropriate pragmatic and experienced people for your project, and then getting the job done.

Here are some of the services we provide, contact us if you would like more information:

  • Software development - standalone applications, web services, scalable enterprise systems - we can provide the skills to analyse business requirements, then architect, design and develop your system.
  • Consulting for the open source Bouncy Castle crypto environment. We can implement your security and encryption requirements.
  • Assembling and leading software development teams. We take a pragmatic approach, learned from many years of experience, rather than slavishly following a single methodology.
  • System and network administration covering a variety of systems, Linux, Apache, Solaris, IMAP, LDAP - the list is long.
  • Software testing services from test planning and design to systems testing and through to user acceptance testing, plus we can manage teams of testers.
  • Web site development using the latest standards and techniques for a polished result.

Further insight into the skills and services we provide can be gleaned from the Bund Media team page.